Key Issues

The fundamentally secular nature of the United States government is one of its defining characteristics.  It is the mission of the Secular Coalition for America to increase the visibility and respect for nontheist viewpoints and to protect and strengthen the secular character of our government as the best guarantee of freedom for all. To ensure the core freedom of, and from, religion is upheld, the Secular Coalition for America works on a variety of issue areas:

  • Health and Safety: The health and safety of an individual should not be compromised by the religious beliefs of another person or group.
  • Education: Children should not be subjected to religious education or exercises in our public schools.
  • Tax Policy: Religious organizations and individuals should not be exempt from the requirements and restrictions of tax policy.
  • Discrimination: Personal religious beliefs do not justify prejudicial actions that violate discrimination laws.
  • Government Actions: The government and officials acting in their government capacity, should not endorse religious beliefs, one religion over another or religion over non-religion.
  • Military: The taxpayer funded U.S. military must serve the beliefs of all service members without privileging one belief over another.
  • International: Even abroad, U.S. government funds, policies, or actions should not endorse religion.
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